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About ÖJAB


Mission statement of ÖJAB


released by the General Assembly of ÖJAB on June 26th 2012

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Our mission statement provides a common frame of reference for all ÖJAB employees.
It outlines our shared objectives, visions and values.

ÖJAB connects





Who we are


We are a social organisation that aims to foster a sense of community.

We take a people-centred approach based on respect and tolerance.

We take decisions independently of any party-political or religious considerations.

We work on a non-profit basis in three areas: youth, senior citizens and education.

We believe that that the diversity of the people living at ÖJAB’s facilities, and that of our employees is a key attribute of our organisation.


What we do


Our work is centred on people’s needs.


We provide professional services coupled with high levels of social competence in a wide variety of fields.


We create residential spaces which are conducive to communal living, but also allow individuals to organise their lives in a way that best suits them.


ÖJAB offers people of all ages a high-quality living environment underpinned by excellent facilities and a friendly atmosphere. Joint activities and a wide range of events foster a sense of togetherness.


The managers and volunteers at our student and youth residences live on site, which promotes a strong community spirit characterised by respect, consideration and a willingness to help others.


We set great store by empathy and personalised care in our residences and nursing homes for senior citizens. This involves nurturing the abilities of each individual and maintaining personal routines and preferences as far as possible.


We provide educational, training and development facilities that promote professional expertise as well as independence, tolerance and a sense of responsibility.


We support asylum seekers and refugees in Austria and their integration into the community.


We are committed to implementing social projects in Austria and abroad.


How we work


All of our employees have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes.

We communicate decisions clearly and quickly.


Constant communication between all levels of the organisation is an essential component of our sucessful work.


Fairness, equality, reliability and mutual respect are the cornerstones of our day-to-day operations.


As an employer, ÖJAB is dedicated to providing safe working conditions and a positive climate in the workplace. As a result, our people recognise how meaningful their work is, which enhances job satisfaction.


We promote staff development by offering a wide range of training opportunities.



What we aim to achieve


We want to implement clear and transparent structures suited to a 21st century in our organisation.


Women should be represented in all management bodies.


We will strive to develop new nationwide, European and international projects which:

  • enhance people’s levels of education and training;
  • bring different generations closer together; and
  • promote the integration of socially disadvantaged groups and those with special needs.

We are committed to safeguarding our environment and using natural resources carefully.


We comment publicly on key issues related to our work.




This mission statement has been developed in a process involving a large number of employees and people living at ÖJAB’s facilities.
Details about this process in German language.

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