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Education & Integration


Development cooperation of ÖJAB

Focus country Burkina Faso


ÖJAB began to show involvement with developing countries in the world back as early as  the sixties, focusing primarily on a self-aid approach. Since then the organisation has trained a large number of vocational school teachers from developing countries, as well as Austrian development workers, and has initiated several projects of developement coopera­tion throughout the years.


ÖJAB has been continuously involved in development cooperation for the West African country Burkina Faso (the former Obervolta) since 1961. It therefore became a pioneer in development cooperation for Burkina Faso, which today is part of one of the eight focus regions of the Austrian Development Cooperation.


Please donate für "street children in Ouagadougou"!



In the nineteensixties ÖJAB development cooperation in Burkina Faso startet with ÖJAB founder Dr. Buchwieser.



Arts from Burkina Faso

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