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View back on Huawei Scholarship for the study year 2018/2019:

5. Required documentation/application criteria

Applications may be submitted in English or German. The following documentation is required:


5.1. Cover sheet with personal details

a) Name (first name lower case and last name UPPER CASE), gender (male/female)

b) Name and address of the ÖJAB student hostel where you are living/would like to live, and the date you plan to move in

c) Current address (incl. door number in the student residence, where applicable)

d) Telephone number

e) E-mail address

f) Date of birth

g) Nationality

h) Short CV/résumé in keywords (max. 600 characters incl. spaces)

i) Degree programme (if known)

j) Matriculation number (if known)


5.2.  Proof of academic achievement in the form of certificates for the last academic year (max. two permitted; if possible, please send a single certificate with all grades listed on it; where appropriate, please include additional results in the CV/résumé section of the cover sheet).


5.3.  Proof that financial support is required for a place in the residence in order to complete the degree programme (e.g. description of living situation, personal income, parents’ income). Details of any other scholarships claimed in the past 12 months must also be provided. All information supplied in applications will be kept strictly confidential.

5.4.  Essay title:

"Be careful, Smombie! – Excessive use of smartphones leads to accidents more and more often. Projects such as ground traffic lights or one-way sidewalks are intended to remedy this situation. Safety precautions versus self-responsibility: how do you think this problem should be addressed?"

  • Minimum two, maximum three A4 pages
  • Font: Arial, 11pt
  • Spacing: 15pt
  • Do not justify text (i.e. do not align to both left and right margins)

The best essays will play a significant role in shaping the jury’s final decision. The essay is designed to help the jury assess and reward the applicant’s dedication and creative abilities. Huawei plans to publish the best essays. Applicants therefore expressly give their consent for their essay to be published when submitting their application. The rights to use and publish the text are transferred to Huawei free of charge in full and in perpetuity.


Please note that submissions cannot be accepted unless they satisfy all of the formal criteria.


6. The scholarship

The scholarship takes the form of a credit of 3,000 Euro for the ÖJAB hostel charges for each of the three successful applicants. This is equivalent to the average annual accommodation costs for an academic year. The beneficiary of the scholarship can use the credit at the ÖJAB hostel of their choice for the upcoming accommodation period. The scholarship will be formally presented at a small award ceremony in Vienna.


7. Conditions/consent

By submitting their application, applicants confirm that they accept the conditions published online at http://www.oejab.at/huawei-stipendium in German and English language governing the award criteria for the Huawei scholarship.

All applicants expressly agree to feature in any public communications activities required as part of media relations work (press photos, press releases) carried out by Huawei and ÖJAB in the event that they are selected to receive the scholarship. The official award ceremony will take the form of a public press conference.

The scholarship is not transferable and is for personal use only.

Under the terms of the scholarship Huawei will cover the accommodation costs for an ÖJAB hostel. The credit may not be used retroactively. There is no cash equivalent.

If the recipient moves out of the hostel before the credit has been used in full, the remaining funds will be transferred to the next applicant in line.


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