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for a place in an ÖJAB student hostel or youth residence



Information about the costs for places


If ÖJAB has offered you a place to stay and you want to reserve it, you will have to do an advance payment to guarantee the reservation. This payment will consist of:

  • Handling fee (one-time, no refund): 120,00 Euro
  • Deposit: 650,00 Euro. In ÖJAB-Haus Bad Gleichenberg, Leebgasse, Niederösterreich 2, Eisenstadt und Mödling only 450,00 Euro. In ÖJAB-GreenHouse 950,00 Euro.

The deposit is repaid in full when you move out of the hostel, provided that you re­turn the key and the room properly.

For short stays lower deposits are possible.


For the following residences there has to be payed the first monthly hostel charge in addition to guarantee the reservation: ÖJAB-Haus Johannesgasse, ÖJAB-Haus Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger, ÖJAB-Haus Burgenland 1, ÖJAB-Haus Burgenland 2, ÖJAB-Haus Burgenland 3, ÖJAB-Haus Meidling, ÖJAB-Haus Donaufeld, ÖJAB-Haus Salzburg in Wien, ÖJAB-Haus Niederösterreich 1 (reopening from Winter Semester 2018), ÖJAB-GreenHouse.


For newcomers from 1. 9. 2018 a cleaning fee in the amount of 50.00 EUR is effective in the event of a later definitive move out.

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