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Welcome to the

student hostels of ÖJAB in Graz


Use the map below to zoom with "+" to one of our two student hostels in Graz. Or choose your hostel in the menue on the left. Or go directly to the online-application.


For blind unsers: all information about ÖJAB houses in this Google map can also be found by using the normal menue.


Information about all student hostels

  • Places for students from 18 years, also students from Universities of Applied Scieneces.
  • Trademark of all ÖJAB houses: familiar atmosphere with many communal activities.
  • During the summer months short stays can be arranged easily (from two weeks on) – and still cheaper than in a hotel; ideal for students attending a summer college or students doing a job training.
  • For the purposes of non-smoker-protection, smoking is forbidden in all ÖJAB student hostels. In some hostels there are smoking areas.


Student hostels in Graz


ÖJAB-Haus Graz

Glacisstraße 39-41

8010 Graz


ÖJAB-Haus Steiermark

Liebiggasse 4

8010 Graz

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