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Youth work of ÖJAB


unknownÖJAB offers young people high quality, economically-priced accommodation in stu­dent and youth resi­dences located near their education and training institutes. It takes great pride in the warm, open and humane atmosphere it continuously maintains in all its hostels. Helping each other, listening to other inhabitants and being there for one another when needed, are all typical characteristics of an ÖJAB residence. There is also an in­tense, personal contact between the young people and the staff.


This is all made possible by ÖJAB’s special approach to running facilities for young people: the directors of the residences also live there with their families, hence spending more time with the residents outside normal working hours and fulfilling pedagogical duties.


In this way the ÖJAB residences become a “Home away from Home” for the young people, as it creates a safe and family-like surrounding for them, since many of them are indeed far from home.


To feel at home in an ÖJAB hostel also involves many joint undertakings and projects, which are usually su­pervised, initiated or actively promoted by the director. Since the motto of ÖJAB is “to give youth a chance”, several activities to foster a certain sense of community – like seminars, youth exchanges, parties, sports and cultural events – are realised within the hostel network. These often include the participation of adults, parents and senior citizens. In doing so, ÖJAB continues to arouse some interest in cultural, social, economic, political and ecological issues and initiate global learning. ÖJAB also supports young people by means of scholarships.


The purpose of this youth work outside school is to help make young people more mature, responsible and tolerant. ÖJAB is pursuing these aims of youth education through its membership in national umbrella organi­sations for youth such as the Österreichische Bundesjugendvertretung (Austrian National Youth Council).



In unknown1985, the International Year of Youth, young people from ÖJAB hostels built an ÖJAB summit cross on Waxriegel (1888 Meter) in the Schneeberg mountains in Lower Austria. Recently it was rebuilt in summer 2009 after winter storms by an honorary ÖJAB team. See photo on the right!


Read more about ÖJAB, it's history, it's international youth work and about all working fields of ÖJAB: About ÖJAB.


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