Symbolic image Apprentices of the BPI during a demonstration of a working tool.

European Educational Work

Nurturing the European Idea and Overcoming Barriers –

The focus of these projects is on migrants, individuals who have been granted refugee status, and young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or social and emotional difficulties as well as people from disadvantaged social backgrounds. These projects bring together individuals from different countries and promote tolerance as well as participation on the part of young people and adults who enjoy less opportunities than their peers.

Current EU projects of ÖJAB


Career cOnsulting and Mentoring skills caPAcity building for youth workerS working with NEETS
Kick-off-Meeting der PRojektmitglieder in Sofia. Foto: CATRO

Das Projekt zielt nicht nur darauf ab die Auswirkungen der Jugendarbeit auf die Bildung von NEETs zu verbessern, sondern fokussiert auch die Arbeitsmarktintegration.

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Mobilna Presernova

A mobility project from Ljubljana

A mobility project of the economics and business school Ekonomska šola Ljubljana & Europass Mobility – an important EU certificate.

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Innovative Approaches for Home Caregiver
Participants at the kick-off meeting in Mesagne, Italy.

This project aims to improve collaboration with similar organizations in Europe as well as exchange proven procedures relevant to (home) caregiving and caregiving personnel.

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Youth Workes 2.0

Advising and schooling of youth workers
Participants at the kick-off meeting at the BPI of ÖJAB in Vienna.

Advising and schooling of youth workers all over Europe in the use of ICT tools and digital working methods.

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Drop Out Prevention Skills
Kick-off-Meeting der Projektmitglieder am BPI der ÖJAB in Wien.

Erfahrungsaustausch von Bildungseinrichtungen im Jugendbereich zu den Themen drop-out

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Europe through young eyes

Exchange, Explore, Exhibit
Kick-off-Meeting der Proejktmitglieder in Deutschland. Foto: Stiftung Evangelische Jugendhilfe St. Johannis Bernburg.

Ziele des Projektes sind die Erreichung einer sinnvollen aktiven Bürgerschaft, die Erhöhung des politischen Bewusstseins und die Vertiefung der sozialen Integration unter Jugendlichen.

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Counter Hate

Youth Workers against Online Hate Speech
Members of the project at the kick off meeting in Malaga.

Support for Youth Workers in dealing with Online Hate Speech

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Ascertaining the skills of migrants and refugees
Participants at the kick-off meeting of ALMIT from 11.02. - 14.02.2018. Photo: University of Sofia.

The core idea of this project is to develop an innovative model for ascertaining the skills of migrants and refugees, thus making it possible to support this target group’s swift integration into the labor market.

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On an ongoing basis, EU projects are being implemented and completed. On the following pages you will find an overview of completed Europe-related projects in the field of Europe & International.


International Youth Activities and European Education


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Theresa Antl, BSc BA (Projektassistentin, Europäische Kooperationen), Sebastian Frank, MSc (Projektmanager, Nationale Projekte und Europäische Kooperationen) und Dipl.-Ing. Valerie Koch, BEd (Projektmitarbeiterin, Nationale Projekte und europäische Kooperationen).(v.l.n.r.)Theresa Antl, BSc BA (Projektassistentin, Europäische Kooperationen), Sebastian Frank, MSc (Projektmanager, Nationale Projekte und Europäische Kooperationen) und Dipl.-Ing. Valerie Koch, BEd (Projektmitarbeiterin, Nationale Projekte und europäische Kooperationen).(v.l.n.r.)