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Co-AGE Volunteers

Promotion of intergenerational cooperation and volunteering between Austria and Slovakia

Due to the emerging demographic imbalance and aging population, Europe faces major economic and social challenges in the coming decades. This results in central questions:

- In what socio-economic circumstances do older people live?

- What is the nature of the social network in which they are embedded?

- How can we promote better understanding and solidarity between the generations?

The vision of the Co-AGE Volunteers project is to establish a cross-border network of regional actors. At the same time, it supports the engagement of young volunteers and promotes intergenerational solidarity and transnational volunteering among young people in the Austria-Slovakia border region.


Aims and results of the project are:

  • Intensify cooperation with a focus on youth education, volunteer coordination and intergenerational solidarity.
  • Connecting people of different generations
  • Initiation of a cross-border network and development of a knowledge platform for voluntary education and training
  • Creation of a bilateral model for intergenerational volunteering and a manual for intergenerational volunteering
  • Training of volunteers
  • Establishment of a network with partner organizations

ÖJAB is part of a partner consortium of 2 Austrian and 2 Slovakian organizations. The project activities take place mainly in the border area between Austria and Slovakia.


Project partners: Austria (coordinator), Slovakia

Project duration: January 2021 to October 2022

The project was selected within the Interreg Slovakia-Austria funding program and was co-financed by EFRE funds.

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