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Youth Workers 2.0


Advising and schooling of youth workers all over Europe in the use of ICT tools (information, communication, and technology tools = PCs, laptops, software programs, printers, etc.) and digital working methods.

Since November 2018, ÖJAB has been part of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Youth Workers 2.0”. This project aims to expand upon youth workers’ digital skills in order to improve the fundamental training of those who work with young people.

Two surveys are being conducted as initial steps toward achieving this project’s objectives. One of the surveys addresses the direct target audience of youth workers, while the other addresses the indirect target audience of young people with low qualifications.

The findings from these surveys will be used to compile a report that analyses existing needs. This report will then serve as background information upon which further employment-related studies for youth can be based.

The information thus collected will also be used to compile guidelines containing proven procedures with which to support youth workers’ daily efforts. These guidelines will serve to inspire all of their readers and support them in their future work.

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Project duration: November 2018 to June 2020

Project partners: Spain (Coordinator), Austria, Romania, Hungary

Project website:

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Members of the Project at the Kick Off Meeting at BPI der ÖJAB in Vienna.Kick Off-Meeting at the BPI der ÖJAB in Vienna.