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Fostering Youth Creativity through Application of Online Cinema Simulator

Since December 2021, ÖJAB has been involved as project partner in the Erasmus+ funded youth project CINEYouth. The main goal of the project is to foster youth creativity in the field of cinema and video making thus enhancing the development of social skills and competences affected by the isolation during the pandemic times.

Project objectives

CINEYouth aims to:

  • create training content adapted to low-educated young people on how to improve their communication and personal expression skills using attractive, digital and creative tools such as the fundamentals of the filmmaking.
  • give disadvantaged young people access to specialised cinema education and broaden their opportunities for professional development
  • offer youngsters real chance to practice their talents and self-expression by free interactive digital tools which stimulate pro-activeness and interest in creating short films.


  • The project target group are disadvantaged young people:
    • low skilled and low-educated
    • socially inactive, in risk of marginalization and lack of youth activity coverage
    • with interest on cinema art but deprived to practice due to social and economic reasons

Project partners: Bulgaria (coordinator), Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus and Austria

Project duration: December 2021 – December 2023

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