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Transnational knowledge exchange between trainers of low-skilled adults in multiple European countries

The objective of EUpTrain is to create a transnational network between Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Romania in order to share Europe-wide knowledge between organisations specialised in adult education through exchange of experts and the development of a sustainable handbook comprising transnational good practices and methods for trainers working with low-skilled adults. The target group of this project are trainers of low-skilled adults, with at least 2 years of working experience.

EUpTrain activities include:

  • 3 transnational project meetings attended by a total of 16 experts
  • one knowledge exchange workshop with the main goal to filter out examples of good practices from all participating organisations and to show international differences, new opportunities, new ways of work and different methodologies in training of low-skilled adults
  • based on the workshop results: creation of a handbook containing 16 best practices and 8 methodologies


Project partners: Austria (coordinator), Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Romania

Project duration: October 2020 to March 2022

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EUpTrain-Attendees at a Online-Conference.EUpTrain-Attendees at a Online-Conference.


From 8 to 12 November 2021, 26 adult education trainers from a total of 7 countries came together in Amadora, Portugal for a knowledge exchange. Working with low-skilled adults poses challenges for all of them in their daily work. The workshop offered space and the opportunity to exchange and learn from each other about helpful ways of working, methods and didactics. A visit to AFID, an organisation that works with adults with special needs, also opened up new perspectives.

group pictureEducation trainers from 7 countries came together in Portugal in order to network and exchange know-how