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Europe through young eyes

Exchange, Explore, Exhibit

This project aims to cultivate meaningful active citizenship, raise political awareness, and deepen social inclusion among youth.

ÖJAB has been a partner in the Erasmus+ project Europe through Young Eyes since November 2019.

This project’s objectives are to be achieved via the following measures:

  • connecting young people’s lives with Europe on the personal level
  • using the photovoice method (participative photography) to give rise to creative and integrative interaction with “Europe” as a theme
  • using a simulation to render Europe more tangible
  • participants’ research and exploration on Europe’s influence at the local and transnational levels
  • participants’ development of recommendations for EU policy
  • development and publication of strategies for disadvantaged young people

As part of this project, disadvantaged young people are to be provided with an opportunity to get to know Europe and its institutions better. To this end, trips to Brussels and Strasbourg (lasting one week each) are planned for 2020.


Europe: Project Online exhibition How To PhotovoiceHow to involve all youth in the european Projectfinal Recommendations


Project partners: Germany (coordinator), Greece, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria

Project duration: November 2019 to July 2021

Project website:

  • Logo Europe through young eyes
  • Logo Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
 Kickoff meeting in Germany. Photo: Stiftung Evangelische Jugendhilfe St. Johannis Bernburg. Kickoff meeting in Germany. Photo: Stiftung Evangelische Jugendhilfe St. Johannis Bernburg.