HTL Pre-Study Course: MANA

If you are in possession of professional qualifications with chances of recognition of credits –

You have technical training or a relevant professional experience, which is not acknowledged in Austria?

If you wish to further enhance your existing knowledge in your professional field and acquire the prerequisites for the Austrian diploma examination at the HTL - Higher Technical Institut?

But your professional experience is not sufficient to directly enter a relevant educational program.

Then MANA can help you!
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Fr. 14.06.2019 from 2:00 pm, 
Fr. 05.07.2019 from 9:00 am,
Fr. 23.08.2019 from 9:00 am

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Course objectives

The preparatory course will help you make the best possible use of your existing professional skills in the job market as well as for further education and higher qualification. 

On the one hand, the preparatory course offers you assistance in updating and adapting your specialist skills. On the other hand, comprehensive general knowledge with a focus on German and obtaining German language skills are offered. 

Additionally, you will be supported in the formal recognition of your foreign qualifications by compliance or nostrification. 

The preparatory course addresses these offers to persons with a migration background who have not been able to fully develop their talents and qualifications in Austria so far.

Course structure

The innovative pre-study course is a joint-venture between HTL Mödling and BPI Mödling. HTL Mödling is the largest technical school in Austria and BPI Mödling provides specific knowledge in the processes of nostrification.

The pre-study course is structured in a modular way, which addresses your existing skills and your personal goals. Depending on individual prerequisites you start the course in Module 1 or you go directly into Module 2.

Module 1 is aimed at students who already have professional qualifications but have not been able to make use of those in Austria so far. In this module, beside theoretical and practical education in your professional field you will acquire specific technical German language skills. In case you want to apply for the recognition of your qualifications acquired abroad we will assist you.

Module 2 is aimed at all students who already have recognized professional qualifications (apprenticeship examination). In this module you will be trained in the general subjects (mathematics, German, English, computer science) in order to secure the required level for entering the advanced vocational course (Aufbaulehrgang).

With completion of the module 2 you are ready to enter the advanced vocational course at the HTL.

Pre-Study Course: MANA 

2 Semesters

Entry Module 1 (1st Semester)

  • Minimum age of 17 years
  • Complete compulsory education
  • Specific technical training
  • German language skills  at level B1 CEFL
  • Update of technical knowledge
  • Improvement of professional German language skills
  • Austrian German Diploma (ÖSD-Diploma)
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications in Austria

Entry Module 2 (2nd Semester)

  • Subject-specific apprenticeship examination
  • Update of general competences
  • Entrance level for advanced vocational courses at a Higher Technical College (ger.: HTL)

Advanced vocational courses at a higher Technical Institute (HTL)

4 Semesters

  • Comprehensive training in theory and practice
  • University entrance examination & advanced technical training
  • Qualification for university entrance
  • Trade licenses
  • Official title of engineer after three years of professional experience
  • EU recognition for a diploma programme
  • Excellent career prospects

Get ahead in life

Gain a foothold and new career opportunities with the educational programmes by BPI of ÖJAB.

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Entry requirements

Module 1

  • Minimum age of 17 years
  • Compulsory education completed
  • specific technical skills
  • Knowledge of the German language at level B1 CEFL
  • High level of interest and learning skills

Module 2

  • Subject-specific apprenticeship examination

Form and duration

Module 1

  • Fulltime school 
  • 24 - 36 hours per week
  • 02. Sep. 2019 - 31. Jan. 2019

Modul 2

  • Fulltime school 
  • 24 - 36 hours per week
  • 10. Feb. 2019 - 03. Jul. 2019

Tuition fees

  • No tuition fees
  • Costs for books and teaching materials not covered
  • Exam fees for the German language diploma (Österreichiches Sprachdiplom – ÖSD) and for nostrification which is optional

Financial sponsorship

BPI Mödling helps you with course related costs. Financial subsidies during the course will be decided on a case to case basis. We will assist you with the respective application.

Everything at a glance

Download all important information about MANA. You will have everything what you need ready at hand.

Download PDF und Information über Bildung der ÖJAB

Contact & Information

Schulleiter Marc Odic DI vom BPI der ÖJAB
Marc Odic, DI

Principal telephone: 0043 660 2011423


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