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Recognizing skills

at ÖJAB –

ÖJAB’s BPI helps to get refugees’ and migrants’ existing skills officially recognized in order to ease their access to the labor market.


The educational and advising center BBE (Bildungs- und Beratungseinrichtung) helps to obtain recognition of professional qualifications that individuals have acquired abroad. This includes personal orientation and advising on career opportunities in Austria.

The target group consists of migrants who bring with them the following:

  • On-the-job experience or training 
  • Training in an occupation that is either an apprenticeable trade or is taught at schools of intermediate vocational education or colleges of higher vocational education in Austria.
  • German skills of at least level A2

In a special skills-oriented occupational assessment process, job-relevant theoretical and practical skills as well as social skills are tested. The results of this testing are used to generate assessments of individuals’ existing qualifications.

Beneficiaries of this measure are registered for participation by Austria’s Labour Market Service and must be residents of Vienna, Lower Austria, or Burgenland. This measure encompasses 10 days of participation onsite at the BBE plus subsequent follow-up advising.

Weitere Informationen & Anmeldung 

Sie interessieren sich für eine Teilnahme am Kompetenzzentrum am BPI der ÖJAB? Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme unter 01 8107382-11 oder per-Mail an! Gerne können Sie auch direkt mit ihrer/m AMS-Berater/in über diese Maßnahme sprechen.

Kontakt für BeraterInnen:

Mag.a Sonja Knoche, Projektleitung,  oder unter 0699 14 74 7451

Kontakt für MultiplikatorInnen:

Mag.a Alma Avdic, MSc, Bereichsleitung Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung, oder unter 0664 88944013.