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Refugees & Migrants – Educational Work

Recognizing Existing Skills and Abilities

Work with refugees and migrants represents a major focus at ÖJAB’s BPI.

Educational Work at ÖJAB

ÖJAB has been housing refugees at its dormitories since 1956. And ÖJAB also supports the education and integration of refugees with various offerings at its BPI.

The BPI works to ascertain refugees’ existing job-relevant skills and offers targeted training and support in order to integrate them into Austria’s working world.


Workshops on career guidance for women and girls aged 16 and over with a migration background

SET is an educational project for women and girls aged 16 and over who have the status of "person entitled to asylum" (Convention refugees) or "beneficiaries of subsidiary protection" as well as citizens of third countries.

Skills newly acquired in the course of educational measures reduce deficits in basic knowledge in the areas of communication, self-reflection and orientation in the new country. In the SET project, people from the target group learn basic skills and are equipped with the necessary "tools", which are essential for further education, entry into employment, an autonomously led life and thus for integration into society:

  • Action-oriented workshops on work and family
  • Work trial days
  • Career guidance
  • Education and training in Austria
  • Strengths and competences
  • Women and labour law
  • Individual coaching

During the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, courses will be held in interactive online modules from 18.11.2020 until further notice.

The project started in October 2020 and will run until the end of 2021.

To register for SET, please write an email to

Sabrin Ibraheem: +43 664 88536524

SET Info Sheet (PDF 2mb, german)SET Flyer (PDF 745kb, German)SET-Flyer (PDF 1,2MB, ArabiC)SET-FLYER (PDF 1,2MB, Farsi / Dari)
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SET: Workshops on career guidance for women and girls aged 16 and over with a migration background.SET: Workshops on career guidance for women and girls aged 16 and over with a migration background.

Asylum, Migration And Integration Fund – AMID

Language, Education, and Employment! ÖJAB’s BPI makes it possible for asylum grantees, individuals with subsidiary protection status, and citizens of third states to successfully integrate into Austrian society with German language training and career orientation including impartation of the relevant values.

This is accomplished by the project “I1 Sprache und Bildung - ‘uBUNTu – Ich bin, weil Wir sind’” (I1 Language and Education – “uBUNTu – I am, because we are”) of the Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Federal Chancellerly of Austria. This project is aimed at adolescents and young adults aged 25 and below who have little knowledge of German. The focus is on solid general education, career orientation, and the impartation of values.

The second AMIF project, “I2 Vorbereitende Maßnahmen zur Arbeitsmarktintegration” (I2 Preparatory Measures for Labor Market Integration), provides preparatory courses for the final apprenticeship examination for office clerks to around 120 individuals (who may be asylum grantees, individuals with subsidiary protection status, and/or citizens of third states – with preference given to women), for whom this measure lays the cornerstone for successful integration into the Austrian labor market. 

As confirmation of the good work being done at ÖJAB’s BPI, both of these projects have been renewed.

The new AMIF project “Chance Technik – Intensivausbildung in den Lehrberufen Metalltechnik-Maschinenbautechnik, Elektrotechnik-Anlagen- und Betriebstechnik und Mechatronik-Fertigungstechnik” (Technology As an Opportunity – Intensive Training in the Apprenticeable Trades of Metal Technology Specializing in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Specializing in Plant and Industrial Engineering, and Mechatronics Specializing in Manufacturing Engineering) is aimed at participants’ successful completion of the apprenticeship exams in the respective areas. Participants can also take the German test for the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) Diploma at level B2. 

These projects are supported by the AMIF and the Federal Chancellerly of Austria under the heading “Integration of Third-Country Nationals and Legal Migration.”

Further information:


This project is co-financed by the Asylum, Migration und Integration Fund and the Federal Chancellerly of Austria

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AMIF course participants at the BPI.AMIF course participants at the BPI.

GIG – Gender Integration Gamification

The innovative project GIG aims to use game development and gameplay (especially where it involves the use of new media) to convey curriculum content and realize developmental goals among game participants while initiating processes of skill development. This gamification tool’s thematic orientation is the integration of young male and female migrants.

The emphasis here is on dealing with gender-related topics and gender-specific understandings of roles. Alongside asking questions of the participants in the target group and encouraging their participation, this project also involves measures in which trainers (from various integration-related programs) as well as integration experts are interviewed on the overall topic and invited to contribute their work.

During this project’s run, a gamification tool is to be developed and implemented in a playable form. The BPI’s responsibility in this project is above all that of creating a field of activity and research as well as actively leading the development of learning and teaching goals for the target group.

Together with several project partners (MAKAM Research GmbH, die Berater® Unternehmensberatung GesmbH, University of Vienna – Institute of Sociology), new methodical and didactic approaches are being pursued here.

GIG is supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).

This project was officially launched in September 2019 and runs for 24 months.

Further information:,

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GIGs leading team.GIGs leading team.