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Students & Youth

Student & Youth Dormitories
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ÖJAB offers reasonably priced places to live in 23 student and youth dormitories, three integrational residence projects all over Austria, various scholarships and services for foreign students.

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Education & Integration

Image of a Training at BPI der ÖJAB.

ÖJAB is committed to education in a variety of ways - always with the goal of connecting people and giving them opportunities.

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About ÖJAB

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ÖJAB (Österreichische JungArbeiterBewegung / Austrian Young Workers Movement) is a nonprofit organization, which provides students and youths with places to live, offers in-patient and mobile care and engages various fields of education, integration and others.

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Seniors & Nursing Care

ÖJAB offers comprehensive nursing and care in three residences in Vienna, Salzburg and Güssing and home care in Vienna. Additionally, ÖJAB provides innovative intergenerational living concepts for old and young.

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Development Cooperation

Symbolbild lächelndes afrikanisches Kind mit tragbarem Radio auf der Schulter im Vordergrund. Kind im Hintergrund sitzend.

Development cooperation has been a central task of the ÖJAB since the 1960s and has contributed significantly to the emergence of education and integration.

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News & Events

News & Events der ÖJAB

All news and events relating to ÖJAB and ÖJAB facilities at a glance.

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Dekobild: Pflegerin mit Seniorin
Gruppenfoto von ÖJAB-Führungskräften vor dem Schloss Miller Aichholz
Friday, 2.6.2023

Die ÖJAB-Führungskräfte bilden sich weiter und vernetzen sich

Thursday, 25.5.2023


Die Waldpension, seit April 2023 ein Haus der ÖJAB für SeniorInnen.
Saturday, 1.4.2023

Neu: Betreutes Wohnen und Pflege in der ÖJAB Waldpension in Grimmenstein (NÖ.)

Symbolbild LäuferInnen des ÖJAB-Laufs beim Start.
Thursday, 11.5.2023

ÖJAB-Lauf 2023

Friday, 24.2.2023

Ukraine: Die ÖJAB hilft weiterhin

Wednesday, 21.9.2022

ÖJAB als Top-Arbeitgeberin unter den familienfreundlichsten Unternehmen Österreichs