Education & Integration

ÖJAB works in a variety of ways to promote education, always with an eye to bringing people together and providing them with opportunities. –

Youth and Adult Education

Workshop at the BPI of ÖJAB.

ÖJAB’s BPI (Berufspädagogisches Institut – Vocational Training Institute) provides primarily technical, commercial, and language-related training that qualifies young people and adults for employment.

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Europe & International

Symbolic image networked Europe (Foto:

ÖJAB’s educational work includes a diverse range of European cooperative projects that provide initial and continuing vocational education and training to young people and adults, and it also engages in cooperative activities with organizations in Japan.

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AusbildungsFit (A-Fit)

Teacher and apprentice standing in front of a workbench with tools.

An offering for adolescents and young adults who need to improve their school education and/or work on social and personal skills before they continue with vocational training or further schooling.

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Work with refugees at ÖJAB

Unaccompanied minor refugees in the classroom.

ÖJAB has over 60 years of experience in supporting and caring for refugees.

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Stadtkapelle Güssing Gruppenbild
Thursday, 18.6.2020

Erstes Konzert der Stadtkapelle Güssing im ÖJAB-Haus St. Franziskus

Das BPI der ÖJAB arbeitet seit Jahresanfang an Digitalisierungsprozessen.
Wednesday, 10.6.2020

Digitalisierung am BPI der ÖJAB

Musikstudentinnen vor dem Klavier im Garten des ÖJAB-Hauses Neumargareten.
Wednesday, 20.5.2020

Musikstudentinnen überraschten SeniorInnen mit einem Konzert