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Contact and Organizational Structure

ÖJAB – Österreichische JungArbeiterBewegung
Austrian Young Workers Movement
MAJO - Mouvement Autrichien des Jeunes Ouvriers

ÖJAB Head Office
Mittelgasse 16
A-1062 Vienna
Austria (Europe)
Telephone: +43 (0)1 5979735-0

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ÖJAB’s Structure as an Association

ÖJAB (the Austrian Young Workers’ Movement) is a nonprofit association. Its main statutory bodies are as follows:

  • The Presidium is the association’s supervisory body. The Presidium’s members are elected by the General Assembly (except for the Presidium’s employee representatives, who are appointed by the Works Council). The Presidium represents the association independently of the management’s representative duties.
  • The General Management is the association’s administrative body. It is appointed by the Presidium’s elected members and manages ÖJAB’s operations while also representing it publicly. The General Management is part of a larger Management Team.
  • The Auditor sees to the internal auditing of ÖJAB’s financial activities to ensure their conformance with the Austrian Federal Act on Associations (VerG) and that the Association’s resources are being used in accordance with its statutes.
  • The Advisory Board is appointed by the Presidium in accordance with the General Management’s recommendations and provides the General Management with advice and support on all matters.
  • The Works Council represents ÖJAB’s employees.

The Residents’ Speaker is elected on Youth Delegates’ Day by the delegates who represent all individuals living at ÖJAB’s student and youth dormitories.