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Contact and structure

ÖJAB – Österreichische JungArbeiterBewegung
Austrian Young Workers Movement
MAJO - Mouvement Autrichien des Jeunes Ouvriers

ÖJAB Head Office
Mittelgasse 16
A-1062 Vienna
Austria (Europe)
Telephone: +43 1 597 97 35 - 0

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Structur of the association ÖJAB

ÖJAB is a non-profit association. Important bodies according to statutes are:

  • The Presidency is the supervision body. Members of presidency are elected by the General Assembly (except the delegates of employees in the presidency, who are appointed by the Works council). The president represents the association despite the representative duties of the management.
  • The Management (managing body) is appointed by the elected members of the presidency and is managing and representing ÖJAB. The Management is part of a Management Team.
  • The Auditor is checking ÖJAB finances according to Austrian law for associations and according th ÖJAB statutes.
  • The Advisory Board is proposed by the management and appointed by the presidency. It is giving advice and support to the management in all issues.
  • The Works council represents the employees in ÖJAB.
  • The Occupant's Speaker is elected on the Youth Delegates Day by Delegates of the occupants of alll student hostels and youth residences of ÖJAB.