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AusbildungsFit (A-Fit)

AusbildungsFit Industrieviertel Nord, AusbildungsFit Industrieviertel Süd, and AusbildungsFit ÖJAB – Bildung, Perspektive, Integration –

As a participating provider in the program AusbildungsFit (EducationFit), ÖJAB supports disadvantaged young people and contributes significantly to their integration.

AusbildungsFit (A-Fit) is a tuition-free offering for teenagers and young adults between 15 and 20 years of age (as well as for young people with disabilities up to 23 years of age) who require remediation in terms of their school education and/or their social and personal skills before beginning with vocational training or further schooling. This course of training typically lasts one year and trains participants:

  • in terms of on-the-job behavior (ability to concentrate, carefulness, punctuality, independence)
  • in terms of interaction with other people (conduct, outward appearance, dealing with criticism and conflicts)
  • in terms of their ability to choose a career (assessment of one’s own abilities)

A prerequisite for admission to A-Fit is completion of youth coaching and registration with the Labour Market Service.

One of the three program locations, “AusbildungsFit ÖJAB – Bildung, Perspektive, Integration” was presented in 2019 as a best practice model of the European Social Fund in this short video.

Involved Institutions

AusbildungsFit an educational program of the “Sozialministeriumservice” run by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Social Affairs. ÖJAB is responsible for this measure’s implementation via the regional programs “AusbildungsFit Industrieviertel Nord” in Lower Austria and “AusbildungsFit ÖJAB – Bildung, Perspektive, Integration” in Vienna. ÖJAB is project partner for "Perspektive Österreich" running “AusbildungsFit Industrieviertel Süd”. 

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  • Logo Sozialministerium Service

AusbildungsFit Industrieviertel Nord and AusbildungsFit ÖJAB – Bildung, Perspektive, Integration also receive funding from:

  • Logo Europäische Union

This measure is funded by the European Union Social Fund and as part of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


A-Fit is structured to include a wide range of support services for young people that are targeted to address their individual developmental needs. 

The following simple flowchart is intended to illustrate the process that these schools are designed to facilitate. The young attendees work through the various stages or training modules at their own pace.


Graphic representation of the frame structure of the production school.



A-Fit is structured according to a 4-pillar concept that contains training modules with the following emphases:

  • Activation (assistance in getting started)
  • Exercises (training, professional orientation)
  • Knowledge workshop (skills are optimally trained)
  • Specialization (for vocation-specific training)

Coaching accompanies and supports the participants throughout their participation in A-Fit via the following measures:

  • A coach discusses the participants’ progress every 3 months.
  • He/she supervises them in hands-on courses at real-life businesses

Athletics are also an important feature of A-FIt and are offered at different levels of skill and intensity.

What comes afterwards? 

Upon completing A-Fit, each participant receives a folder that contains all training materials, achieved goals, and useful information for their next steps, and can:

  • join an apprenticeship / extended apprenticeship program or work towards a partial trade qualification either at a business or in an in-school apprenticeship program.
  • pursue further schooling.
  • participate in a qualification measure offered by the Austrian Labour Market Service or any educational institution.

Contact Information & Location

AusbildungsFit IN VIENNA 

AusbildungsFit ÖJAB – Bildung, Perspektive, Integration
Längenfeldgasse 27/B, 1120 Wien

Telephone: + 43 1 8902314

AusbildungsFit Industrieviertel Nord 

Course location in Mödling
Dr. Bruno Buchwieser Gasse 1, 2340 Mödling

Telephone: + 43 2236 23271-0
Mobile: + 43 664 88791198

Bus lines from the train station Bahnhof Mödling: 259, 363

Course location in Schwechat
Alanova Platz 7, Stiege 1, Top 1, 2320 Schwechat

Telephone: + 43 1 7068636

10 minutes’ walk from the train station and the main square

Course location Bad Vöslau
Hanuschgasse 1, Stiege 4, Tür 9, 2540 Bad Vöslau

Telephone: + 43 2252 2890416


Course location Bruck an der Leitha
Wienergasse 3, 2460 Bruck/Leitha

Telephone: + 43 2162 20833



ÖJAB is partner of:


by Perspektive Österreich

Course location in Wiener NeustadtBahngasse 14/2-4, 2700 Wr. Neustadt

Telephone: + 43 2622 82 992
Mobile: + 43 699 14747456 (Ramona Faustmann – project lead) 
Mobil:  +43 664 883 78 918 (Mag. Jutta Ringhofer – project lead) 

Course location on Lederergasse in Wiener Neustadt (KreART)
Lederergasse 5, 2700 Wr. Neustadt

Telephone: + 43 2622 82992


Course location in Neunkirchen Wiener Str. 36, 2620 Neunkirchen

Telephone: + 43 2635 64504
Mobile: + 43 660 631 55 34 (Karin Hariri-Hecht – project lead)