Illustration der ÖJAB-Bereiche: Studierende und Jugend, SeniorInnen und Pflege, Bildung und Integration, Internationale Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, EZA, Über die ÖJAB.

About ÖJAB

ÖJAB (Österreichische JungArbeiterBewegung / Austrian Young Workers Movement) is a non-profit organization, which provides students and youths with a home at their place of education, offers in-patient and mobile care and engages in the fields of education, integration, refugee relief and development cooperation.

As one of Austria´s largest residency organisations and as a youth organisation independent of any politi­cal party or religious obligation, ÖJAB offers 4.600 places to stay: in 23 student and youth dormitories, two intergenerational dormitories, an intercultural hostel, and three senior citizens´ residences and nursing homes. Young people can find new friendships, common activities and formative experiences in the dormito­ries. Seniors receive tender and professional care with intergenerational encounters in the ÖJAB houses. In Vienna, home care complements this range.

Additionally, every year ÖJAB supports 2.000 youths and adults mainly from a socially underprivileged background in their educational path, qualifies them for the job market and participates in European educa­tional projects.

Asylum seekers and refugees are taken care of in ÖJAB houses and take part in ÖJAB training measures.

In Burkina Faso (West Africa) ÖJAB conducts projects of development cooperation.

Altogether, ÖJAB operates in 40 locations, including 29 dormitories and residences. ÖJAB employs over 600 persons, over 500 of them in the field of care and education. Additionally, many more offer their highly treasured services on a voluntary basis.

Two subsidiary companies use ÖJAB dormitories during holiday times as youth hostels.

ÖJAB has four main areas of operation:

Students & Youth

3 Students in the kitchen of an ÖJAB Student dorm

Education & Integration

2 participants of an vocational training in front of electrics.

Senior citizens & Care

Senior talking with nurse

4. Development cooperation

Boy in Burkina Fasos sitting on a bicycle and looking into African landscape.

In ÖJAB dormitories, residences and facilities, people from different parts of Austria, Europe and the world, from different social backgrounds, of different ages, with different (political) viewpoints and religions meet. The organisation’s primary objective behind all its activities is to bring these people together, provide opportunities for them and help them learn from one another.

ÖJAB is continuously striving to foster the promotion and integration of disadvantaged and special needs people. – Mission Statement


How did ÖJAB come into existence? – The history

“Senf. Das ÖJAB-Magazin zum Mitreden” (translation: "Mustard. The ÖJAB magazine to join the conversation”), the organisation’s quarterly published magazine, provides a detailed account of current ÖJAB activities and also writes about related topics in general.

Subsidiary companies: To support its non-profit work, ÖJAB established two subsidiary companies:

  • Europahaus Wien G.m.b.H. Education, Conference and Event Center –
  • Liegenschaftsverwertung der Österreichischen Jungarbeiterbewegung Ges.m.b.H. which uses ÖJAB dormitories in summer as myNext Hostels.

All about ÖJAB – on 4 pages for Download

with adresses of all ÖJAB locations

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Thursday, 4.4.2019
Backgammon-Turnier im ÖJAB-Haus Liesing
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Elephantenmutter mit -kind in Botswana. Foto: Edith Axmann Spielberger.Foto: Edith Axmann Spielberger
Thursday, 4.4.2019
Reisebericht Botswana
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Plakat 18. Österreichischer Friedenslauf im Augarten am 27. April 2019
Saturday, 27.4.2019
18. Österreichischer Friedenlauf
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