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Development Cooperation

ÖJAB has been continuously involved in development cooperation for Burkina Faso since 1961, one of the least developed countries in the world with more than 40% of the population living below the poverty line. 

Today, ÖJAB is involved in projects that improve the living conditions of local people, especially in vocational training for poor children and young people and in the area of water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH). By this, ÖJAB is oriented towards the Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) of the United Nations.

This is financed by grants, partners and donations collected in Austria. 

In the capital Ouagadougou ÖJAB has a representative office. 

ÖJAB founded a technical-commercial school in 1969 in Ouagadougou, which still operates today, and was a pioneer of Austrian development cooperation for Burkina Faso.

The consulate for Burkina Faso (since 1966) as well as the headquarters of the Austrian-Burkinabe Society are located in an office community with ÖJAB Head office.

Boy in Burkina Fasos sitting on a bicycle and looking into African landscape.