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Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse

The Wolfganggasse urban development zone is where ÖJAB will be putting up its new Viennese residence and nursing home. This new facility, to be called ÖJAB-Pflegewohnhaus Neumargareten, will be embedded within a group of social projects that address housing, education, diversity, and intergenerational cooperation. It opens in the autumn of 2022. 

ÖJAB has been active in Vienna’s 12th district of Meidling with social projects focused on housing, nursing care, and education for nearly five decades.

At the Wolfganggasse site, ÖJAB will be bundling its previous social offerings in a new form and supplementing them with novel approaches. Here, ÖJAB plans to run a residence and nursing home, a home nursing support center, a vocational training institute and training center, the “AusbildungsFit” career orientation program, the student and youth dormitory ÖJAB-Haus Remise, a school for nursing assistants, and an intergenerational apartment-sharing community.

The Wolfganggasse site will also feature special apartments and facilities for individuals raising children separately and alone, assistance for the homeless, and a Catholic parish. The result will be a new neighborhood of special diversity. Central elements of human life – housing, education, diversity, and intergenerational cooperation – will be networked in close proximity to each other, here. People in differing life situations and with differing needs will live together at the “Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse,” where they will be able to support and learn from each other as a community. This will give rise to an experience of those familial structures that tend to get partially lost in the big city and ultimately facilitating inclusion.

For more information, please see this website’s German-language version. 

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Rendering Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse. Foto: Expressiv GmbH Wickenburggasse 4/3, 1080 Vienna, Austria.
Modell der gesamten Anlage "Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse". Foto: PID/Bohmann

Das ÖJAB-Pflegewohnhaus Neumargareten und der Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse wurden als Projekte der IBA Wien, der Internationalen Bauausstellung der Stadt Wien, ausgezeichnet. 

  • IBA Wien - Internationale Bauausstellung
Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse
Wolfganggasse, 1120 Vienna

Contact & Address

ÖJAB-Pflegewohnhaus Neumargareten 
Wohlfühlen am Lebenscampus
Hermann-Glück-Weg 1 
1120 Vienna

ÖJAB-Haus Remise
Student and Youth Dormitory
Hermi-Hirsch-Weg 4
1120 Vienna

Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse with ÖJAB Educational Projects
1120 Vienna

Telephone: +43 1 59797350 (ÖJAB Head Office)
Web address:


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