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Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse

In Meidling, Vienna’s 12th district, a new neighborhood was formed, as part of which a ca. 31,000 m2 site that formerly housed facilities of light rail operator Wiener Lokalbahnen has being turned into a diverse and integrative home for social projects related to housing, education, diversity, and intergenerational living. 

ÖJAB is playing a major role in shaping this new neighborhood with the following projects for young people, the aged, and the pursuit of education: 

ÖJAB’s Viennese nursing residence has been rebuilt: ÖJAB-Pflegewohnhaus Neumargareten – Wohlfühlen am Lebenscampus opened in early October 2022. 

Next door here at “Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse”, ÖJAB simultaneously opened its new student and youth dormitory ÖJAB-Haus Remise. This facility also offers a home to members of different generations as well as formerly unhoused individuals, and it also includes space for the support center of our home care operation ÖJAB-Hauskrankenpflege Neumargareten

Neighboring buildings at Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse provide a new home for two ÖJAB educational facilities: ÖJAB’s BPI (Berufspädagogisches Institut – Vocational Training Institute) with its training center and the career orientation program AusbildungsFit ÖJAB – Bildung, Perspektive, Integration.

The future will also see the PSÖ – Pflegeschule der ÖJAB (a school for caregiving professions) move into facilities here. 

A new ÖJAB intergenerational residence is likewise planned. 

ÖJAB has been active in Vienna’s 12th district of Meidling for nearly five decades with social projects focused on housing, nursing care, and education. Before "Lebenscampus Wolfganggasse" was formed, seven of ÖJAB’s ca. 40 Austrian locations were in Meidling. At the Wolfganggasse site, ÖJAB is now bundling its previous social initiatives in a new form and supplementing them with new offerings. 


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ÖJAB-Pflegewohnhaus Neumargareten 
Wohlfühlen am Lebenscampus
Hermann-Glück-Weg 1 
1120 Vienna

ÖJAB-Haus Remise
Student and Youth Dormitory
Hermi-Hirsch-Weg 4
1120 Vienna

AusbildungsFit ÖJAB – Bildung, Perspektive, Integration
Hermi-Hirsch-Weg 1 / Stiege Ost
1120 Wien

BPI der ÖJAB – Ausbildungszentrum Wien
From the end of 2023 in Hermi-Hirsch-Weg 
1120 Wien

Telephone: +43 1 59797350 (ÖJAB Head Office)
Web address:


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Tuesday, 28.5.2024

Frühlingsfest & ÖJAB-Fussballcup

ÖJAB-Europahaus Dr. Bruno Buchwieser, Linzer Straße 429, 1140 Wien

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Läufer:innen vor dem Start des 22. ÖJAB-Laufs 2024 rund um das ÖJAB-Europahaus Dr. Bruno Buchwieser.
Friday, 17.5.2024

Laufen für die Vielfalt – Das war der 22. ÖJAB-Lauf 2024

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Saturday, 1.6.2024

Konferenz: Interkultureller Tag für Klimagesundheit

Europahaus Wien Gmbh Bildungs-, Tagungs- und Veranstaltungszentrum, Linzer Straße 429, 1140 Wien

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