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Students & Youth

In 21 affordable accommodations for students and young people in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Eisenstadt, Krems, Mödling, and Bad Gleichenberg, you’ll find a reasonably priced place to live. 14 of our  student dormitories are located in Vienna and offer a gym, a sauna and other highlights for students and adolescents on a low budget. ÖJAB’s student housing offers a home for students and young people that’s right near your school, college or university. –


Library with residents in a ÖJAB-Dormitory.

ÖJAB offers you places to stay at 21 student and youth dormitories in various locations across Austria. Browse through them here – and find the place that suits you best!



Symbolic image two students learning and writing into a collage block.

We’re there to support you! ÖJAB offers various scholarships for ÖJAB dorm residents. You’ll also find information here on the HUAWEI Scholarship.



Symbolic Image suitcase beeing pulled.

Are you new here? ÖJAB can provide help to foreign students as they take their first steps in Austria. Read here about the services we offer…



Symbolic Image living room of a generation living flat.

ÖJAB’s innovative intergenerational residence projects in Vienna offer you the opportunity to live as part of a residential community that brings together multiple age groups. Become part of our concept!


Student accommodations in Vienna and all over Austria – Affordable student housing near your school, college or university 

Our roomy student apartments are fully furnished and equipped. Cleaning service is included. This makes studying and student housing easy and cheap. Our affordable accommodations for students and young people are near the biggest schools, colleges and universities of the country.  

Our homes for students in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Krems, Eisenstadt, Mödling oder Bad Gleichenberg are a low-cost and stress-free alternative to your own student flat.

Student dorm ÖJAB-Haus Niederösterreich 1 in of our student dorms, the ÖJAB-Haus Niederösterreich 1 in Vienna.

Accommodations for students and young people near your university

Our student dorms are located near city center, public transportation or the biggest train stations like Hauptbahnhof Wien, Westbahnhof Wien or Bahnhof Wien Meidling. You will find our student dormitories e.g. in the first district of Vienna, near Viennese Augarten, near Uni Campus Wien, MED Campus Graz, Stadtpark Graz, alongside the River Salzach and near the biggest universities, schools and colleges in many Austrian cities.

Find a home for students at a fair price near Uni Wien, Med-Uni Wien, TU Wien, Boku Wien, Uni Graz, Med-Uni Graz, Uni Mozarteum Salzburg, IMC FH Krems, Donau-Uni DPU Krems and other conveniently situated sites near your favourite school or university. If you’re interested, you can also find affordable student rooms in a quiet location just at the outskirts, e.g. near the River Danube, near the Lainzer Tiergarten, situated in the more rural Viennese district Hütteldorf, or in the heart of the modern urban district Seestadt Aspern in Vienna.

Symbolic image of single room in one of our affordable student dorms.Symbolic image of single room in one of our affordable student dorms.

Modern student housing with fitness studio and other highlights

Our modern student hotels come with a fair all-inclusive price. We also offer an in-house gym and sauna to relax and enjoy. Aside many other highlights our dormitories for students and young adolescents are known for their lively student dorm parties, get-togethers and other in-house events. Party or relax with your friends, student colleagues and other residents of our student hostels.


  • WLAN
  • fitness room
  • sauna
  • laundry room
  • bicycle storage place
  • café/bar
  • community room


You are looking for something special? Student housing in our shared apartments for students and non students is stress-free and with our all-inclusive prices it is easy to live in a single room or double room, without having to organize yourself a room in a shared flat or a student flat of you own: Every single one of our affordable student dorms is something special. Many locations offer unique benefits e.g. the boulder room in our ÖJAB-Haus Donaufeld, the Communal garden in our sentrally located  ÖJAB-Haus Burgenland 3 , the Communal terraces in our ÖJAB-Haus Burgenland 1 and ÖJAB-Haus Salzburg with a panoramic view over Vienna. There is something for every taste.


Symbolic image of the fitness room at ÖJAB-Haus Mödling in Mödling.Symbolic image of a fitness room in one of our modern student dormitories.


Living in a big city, smelling freshly cut grass, allowing your gaze to sweep across nature while drinking your morning coffee: ÖJAB makes it possible!

ÖJAB-Haus Mödling
ÖJAB-Haus Liesing

Outside shot of the ÖJAB-Haus Mödling mit Grünflächen.

Living in a student dormitory means more than just living at a reasonable price

Democracy and tolerance characterize the life in ÖJAB’s dormitories for students and young people. Your vote counts! Every resident can contribute and take part in the dorm's community. Soon you will find new friends from Austria and all parts of the world. In our inviting and cosy communal rooms you meet Bachelor, Master and PhD students from various fields of science: music, sports, law, economics, IT, pedagogy, history and art history, art, psychology, philosophy, philology, Romance studies, English studies, media studies, political science, sociology, mathematics and almost all fields of study at universities and technical colleges throughout Austria. Exciting discussions, relaxed getting-together, as well as tips and news that make life easier during your studies by and with new friends and colleagues are waiting for you!

Symbolic image of a student get together.Student get togethers in our student dorms.

LIVING IN A COMMUNITY – Better than a Room in a shared Flat or a student flat of your own – Student Housing in a Dormitory 

For whenever Netflix & Co. have nothing interesting to offer, we’ve got you covered. Because at ÖJAB, it’s a matter of principle: boredom’s something you’ll find somewhere else! You and your friends are always welcome at ÖJAB student dorm events, and as one of our residents, you’ll automatically be there live and right up front!


  • Football Cup & ÖJAB Run
  • Concerts & performances
  • Semester parties & dorm parties
  • Garden parties & barbeques during the summer
  • Punch stands during the winter
  • Ski trips & winter sports for student
  • Youth exchange with Japan
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Affordable housing for students in our low-cost accommodations throughout Austria 

At its 21 student accommodations in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Eisenstadt, Krems, Mödling, and Bad Gleichenberg, ÖJAB offers you a reasonably priced place to live that’s right near your school or university.

All university and other postsecondary students ages 18 and up are eligible to register for places at our dorms. AtÖJAB-Haus Mödling we also offer rooms for apprentices and school students ages 15 and up and in ÖJAB-Haus Niederösterreich 1 ages 18 and up. 


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ALMIT Online-Konferenz

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Die Corona-Ampel im Eingangsbereich der ÖJAB-SeniorInnenwohnanlage in Aigen.
Friday, 13.11.2020

ÖJAB entwickelte Corona-Ampel für Pflegewohnhäuser

Lehrgangsleiterin Lenka Slepčíková vor dem Eingang der Pflegeschule der ÖJAB.
Saturday, 7.11.2020

Pflegeschule der ÖJAB startet am 2. November 2020