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Students & Youth

At it's 23 dormitories, ÖJAB offers young people high-quality, reasonably priced accommodation located near their places of education and training. Students and youths from diverse backgrounds come together at the dormitories. A warm, open, and humane atmosphere, consideration for each other, and mutual helpfulness characterize dorm life.

This is all made possible by ÖJAB’s special approach to running facilities for young people: the managers of the dormitories also live there and create a family-like, cozy environment with a "home away from home“ feeling.

Communal life is organized democratically by electing voluntary representatives for each floor and each dorm overall.

ÖJAB dorm residents also feel at home thanks to numerous group activities and projects, such as in the realms of sports, music, theatre, intergenerational contact and social activities. They are usually supervised, initiated, or actively promoted by the dorm managers. In this way, friendships are made that can last a lifetime. 

With its aims of arousing interest in cultural, social, economic, political, and environmental issues and ini­tiating global learning, ÖJAB is member of the Österreichische Bundesjugendvertretung (Austrian National Youth Council).

3 Students in the kitchen of an ÖJAB Student dorm