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Education & Integration

In addition to the work carried out in dormitories and residences, ÖJAB is widely engaged in a variety of education projects – all of which are based on the aim of connecting people and providing opportunities for them:

BPI der ÖJAB (Berufspädagogisches Institut – institute for professional training and development of ÖJAB) focuses primarily on technical, business and language vocational training, vocational orientation and job market integration support in Mödling (Lower Austria) and Vienna for both young people and adults alike. This includes a competence centre, youth college and German courses (level A1 to B2). Course participants are usu­ally from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and refugees. BPI Mödling in Lower Austria is a private school which is run by ÖJAB and offi­cially recognised by the Austrian authorities.

In “AusbildungsFit” ÖJAB supports disadvantaged youths and contributes to their integration significantly. Altogether, ÖJAB qualifies around 2.000 youths and adults each year in or­der to help them find their way to a regular working life.

Refugees and asylum seekers who come to Austria from different parts of the world have been admit­ted to ÖJAB dormitories since the 1950ies – currently mainly in ÖJAB-Haus Mödling. They receive guidance and education, also as part of projects of BPI.

ÖJAB´s European educational work comprises European cooperation projects for vocational and advanced education for youths and adults. ÖJAB was already dreaming of a united Europe back in the 1950s and played an essential part in the foundation of the Europe Houses, which still organize European educa­tional events independently.  

Additionally, ÖJAB organizes youth exchanges and projects with Japan, namely with the YUAI Foundation in Tokyo, patronized by the distinguished Japanese Hatoyama family, and with Kai-You-Kai in Wakayama.

With its international activities ÖJAB strives to promote intercultural leaning and bring about tolerance and friendship across cultural frontiers among young people.

2 participants of an vocational training in front of electrics.