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Youth and Adult Education

at ÖJAB's BPI –

ÖJAB’s BPI (Berufspädagogisches Institut – Vocational Training Institute) qualifies young people and adults for employment via primarily technical, business related, and language related vocational training and also offers career orientation as well as assistance in getting integrated into the labor market.

An important goal of ÖJAB is to leave nobody behind in our society, to which end we work to reduce unemployment and facilitate qualified employment. 

An image video provides a visual impression of the variety of ways in which people work together at the BPI, the values of our community, and our motto: Leave nobody behind.

Contact information & Address


BPI der ÖJAB – Ausbildungszentrum Wien 
(Vienna Training Center)

Längenfeldgasse 27/A/3
1120 Vienna

Telephone: 01 8107382-11

BPI Mödling

Berufspädagogisches Institut – Vocational Training Institute of the Austrian Young Workers’ Movement

Dr. Bruno Buchwieser Gasse 1
2340 Mödling

Telephone: 02236 23271-81