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Senior citizens

Three residences provide a home with tender, professional care for seniors. Sensitive consideration is given to residents' needs including preferences concerning things like food and time management. Pets can also be brought along, and residents' living areas can be personally furnished and arranged. Group activities often feature an intergenerational approach, like together with preschoolers and school groups and as part of learning projects and internships. These include cooking together, singing, memory training, concerts, slide shows, birthday parties, seasonal cele­brations, and themed excursions.

The ÖJAB senior residences were founded back in the eighties, when seniors who had lived in ÖJAB dormitories when they were young expressed the wish to return to live in a residence run by ÖJAB.

ÖJAB home care offers care and support services for people who do not live at a senior residence.

Assisted living, also for people with disabilities, is offered in the ÖJAB Waldpension in Grimmenstein in Lower Austria.

Inpatient and mobile care aims to support and reinforce existing abilities and inter­ests. The clients' individual biographies are integrated into their care. The ÖJAB senior residences and nursing homes are open to everybody regardless of their financial situation.

ÖJAB also trains people for the nursing profession: courses for nursing assistance are held at the ÖJAB nursing school in Vienna.

Senior talking with nurse