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Austrian-Japanese Youth Exchange ÖJJ

ÖJAB is a Member Organization of the Association “Österreichisch-Japanischer Jugendaustausch” (ÖJJ) -

This Austrian-based association, in cooperation with the Japanese organization Kai-You-Kai and YUAI, organizes youth exchanges between Austria and in Japan.

Until 2020, every other year in summer a group of ten to twelve young people from Austria traveled to Japan. Alternately a Japanese group of the same size traveled to Austria the following year. In 2024, activities will resume after the pandemic, initially with the partner organization YUAI and probably again in 2025 with Kai-You-Kai.

Japanese youth in Vienna, in the background is a part of the Vienna Hofburg visible.Young Japanese in Vienna
Teenagers from Austria in Japan. The group stands in front of a Japanese temple entrance.Young people from Austria in Japan

The length of stay each is about two weeks.

The exchange programs are noncommercial, mostly organized by volunteers and supported by sponsors and donations. The main sponsors are the hosting organizations, ÖJJ in Austria and Kai-You-Kai in Japan. The participants pay a cost contribution.

The goal of this youth exchange is to show young people the other country’s culture, history and way of life in a way that regular tourists are not able to. Ultimately, this experience enables the participants to get a comprehensive understanding of each other and develop lasting transnational friendships. Therefore, the program does not only include “regular” sights, but also visits at educational institutions, meet-ups with young locals and most notably staying a couple of nights with host families to get to know the typical everyday life of the hosting country.

Usually participants going to Japan are those young people who were voluntarily helping host the Japanese guests the previous year or are looking to do so in the following year.

How can one participate in the Austrian-Japanese Youth Exchange?

The Austrian-Japanese Youth Exchange is primarily supported by its two member organizations ÖJAB and the Austrian-Japanese Society (ÖJG). Hence 18 to 30 year-old members affiliated to one of these two organizations or the third member organization Österreichisches Ferienwerk take priority. People affiliated to ÖJAB include persons living in one of ÖJAB’s student dormitories or did so in the past, persons attending courses in the Education & Integration sector and persons being members of ÖJAB. To become a member of the Austrian-Japanese Society one has to join via

To find out more about current youth exchange projects, please visit the German version of this page

    Support the youth exchange with Japan!

    The Austrian-Japanese Youth Exchange is looking for donors to be able to finance the material costs of the program in the upcoming years. Assist to make this exchange possible in the future and enable young people to make international experiences and friendships!

    Information: Wolfgang Mohl,, 01 5979735-826

    Donation account: 

    Account name: Österreichisch-Japanischer Jugendaustausch
    Bank: Erste Bank der oesterr. Sparkassen AG
    IBAN: AT30 2011 1840 3542 6600



    Main office address: Mittelgasse 16, 1060 Wien. ZVR-number: 695062674. Web: 


    Member organizations:
    ÖJAB – Österreichische Jungarbeiterbewegung
    Österreichisch-Japanische Gesellschaft (
    Österreichisches Ferienwerk

    Managing board:

    Chairman: Mag. Wolfgang Mohl (ÖJAB)
    Telephone: 01 597 97 35-826

    First Vice chairman: Ing. Karl Steinböck (Österreichisch-Japanische Gesellschaft)
    Second Vice chairman: Nikolaus Petronczki, BA (ÖJAB)

    Secretary: Nikolaus Petronczki, BA (ÖJAB)
    Deputy secretary: Ines Lagler, MA, M.A. (ÖJAB)

    Treasurer: Kesandra Jakob, BSc (ÖJAB)
    Deputy treasurer: Barbara Bergauer (ÖJAB)

    Further management members (alphabetical order): Coco Akdedian (ÖJAB), Thomas Angster, BA (ÖJAB), Mag. Renate Neundlinger (ÖJAB), Mag. Konrad Prommegger (ÖJAB), Werner Wiessböck (Österreichisch-Japanische Gesellschaft)

    Internal audit:

    Rechnungsprüferin: Mag.(FH) Bettina Pöltl (ÖJAB)
    Rechnungsprüferin-Stellvertreter: Dieter Fröhlich (ÖJAB)

    Honorary chairman: Eduard Schüssler