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Information about Online Application

for a Place in an ÖJAB Student Dormitory or Youth Dormitory.

Here you get all the information about the online registration process. Your online registration is free and not binding.

Online Application

Click here for the online registration form for a place in an ÖJAB student dormitory or youth dormitory. Your online registration is free and not binding.

Please fill out the form and then click on "send application"! (at the bottom of the form)

You will receive a confirmation email that your application has arrived in ÖJAB. Then our staff will process your application. In the next few days we will send you a personal answer per e-mail, if we can offer a place to stay as you requested and what costs will occur. The payment will be by bank transfer

If there is more than one ÖJAB dormitory at the place of your studies, we will do our best to offer you a place in your preferred dormitory. Also, we will try to follow your room type wishes. In case we fail to do so, it is important that you have mentioned alternatives in the online application form.

The earlier you send us your application the more likely we will be able to offer a place according to your wishes.


Information about the costs for places

If ÖJAB has offered you a place to stay and you want to reserve it, you will have to do an advance payment to guarantee the reservation.  This payment will consist of:

  • Handling fee (one-time, no refund): 150,00 Euro
  • Prices and Deposit: depending on location. Prices and deposits can be found on the respective webpage of the dorm (see "monthly use fees") here on
  • For short term stays rates and deposits may vary.

The deposit is repaid in full when you move out of the hostel, provided that you re­turn the key and the room properly. For short stays lower deposits are possible.

For the following residences there has to be payed the first monthly hostel charge in addition to guarantee the reservation: ÖJAB-Haus Johannesgasse, ÖJAB-Haus Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger, ÖJAB-Haus Burgenland 1, ÖJAB-Haus Burgenland 2, ÖJAB-Haus Burgenland 3, ÖJAB-Haus Donaufeld, ÖJAB-Haus Liesing, ÖJAB-Haus Peter Jordan, ÖJAB-Haus Salzburg in Wien, ÖJAB-Haus Meidling, ÖJAB-Haus Niederösterreich 1, ÖJAB-GreenHouse.

A cleaning fee of 60,00 Euro is to be paid in the event of a later definitive move out.

Cancellation Conditions

The following terms of cancellation apply:

  • Cancellation more than 3 months before the contract begins: 150,00 Euro
  • Cancellation 1-3 months before the contract begins: 250,00 Euro
  • Cancellation less than 1 month before the contract begins: 600,00 Euro

Once the contract term begins, your only option is to formally terminate your housing contract.

Additional Services

Do you come from another country? We help you with the language: German courses