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Hygiene for health

A sanitation improvement project in the commune of Doulougou (Burkina Faso)

Given the success of the pilot project "Together - Clean - Healthy" in the commune of Samba, ÖJAB is supporting the implementation of a similar project in the commune of Doulougou. Similar to the pilot project, local craftspeople will be trained to build sustainable compost latrines and hand washing facilities as well as hygiene and health training for families with many children and families affected by poverty.

Background and needs

In Burkina Faso, 27% of the population practice the defecation in the open areas. Within this population, the rural population is the most affected with 75% of their population. This practice accentuates soil contamination and the circulation of waterborne diseases that lead to serious illnesses for children such as diarrhea or cholera. Women and girls are even more sensitive to this topic. Indeed, as they are obliged to go far to defecate, they can be victims of sexual assault and violence. ÖJAB is committed to contribute to the mission to improve the quality of hygiene of rural population through the construction of compost latrines and safe hand washing facilities. After a visit in the commune of Doulougou, the discussions revealed a significant need for intervention in the areas of health, hygiene and water, and ÖJAB took the lead for the implementation.

Project activities

« Yiligmde la Laafi » in mooré, a local language spoken in Burkina means “Hygiene is health”. To improve the health of the population of Doulougou through their hygiene, ÖJAB is supporting the construction of nine (09) sustainable compost latrines and the installation of nine (09) hand washing facilities for large families and families affected by poverty. Several training sessions on hygiene and health for families will be provided to the beneficiaries. In addition, local craftspeople will receive technical training in the construction of compost latrines in a standardized architectural style. 

Group picture of people in DoulougouThe project aims at improving the hygiene and also the health conditions for the local population in Doulougou.


As the pilot project "Together - Clean - Healthy" in the commune of Samba, « Yiligmde la Laafi » will improve the health situation of the population of Doulougou. The sustainability of the project is linked to the implication of the local population, and all materials that will be used for the different constructions are provided by small local companies. This will help them to improve their business input and to open other possibilities on WASH for them. In addition, the transfer of skills will improve the masonry sector. This local implication constitute the fingerprint of ÖJAB projects, especially « Yiligmde la Laafi  ».