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ÖJAB-Haus Johannesgasse

Student and Youth Dormitory

  • place 1010 Wien, Johannesgasse 8
  • capacity 120 places
  • opened 9 months student housing (from 1. October to 30. June) in Vienna (first district, old town)
  • room types: Single room, Twin room

highlights of the house:

  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • fitness room
  • laundry room
  • music practice rooms
  • green space nearby

from 445,00€/person per month

For a place in a student room including heating, electricity, free high-speed Internet access (WLAN and LAN), TV connection, and room cleaning service.

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Your student room 

  • fully furnished
  • rooms with toilet and shower
  • room with fridge
  • cable television connections
  • communal kitchens


Your low priced fully furnished Single or Twin student room combines the historic atmosphere of Vienna’s baroque city center with modern comforts. The thick walls of this former abbey radiate pleasant warmth in the wintertime, while they help maintain a refreshingly cool temperature during the summer at the fashionable student accommodation. And when your windows are open, you’ll hear the tolling of the bells of St. Stephen’s drifting over softly on the breeze.

And so that your free time at our student accommodation really is your free time, room cleaning service, high-speed Internet access, electricity, heating, and use of the fitness room are included in your room fee at a fair price. 


  • 360° view Single Economy
  • 360° view of Anteroom
  • 360° view Shower & Toilet
  • 360° view Twin Economy
  • 360° view Twin Economy
  • 360° view of Anteroom
  • 360° view of Shower & Toilet

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Amidst Green Countryside

Live in the big city, enjoy the scent of freshly mown grass and let your eyes wander through nature while drinking your morning coffee: The modern and low-priced ÖJAB student accommodations make it possible!

ÖJAB-Haus Mödling
ÖJAB-Haus Liesing

Outdoor shot of the ÖJAB-Haus Mödling with green scenery.

A home for students in a central location 

Subway lines U1, U2, U3, and U4, regional rail lines S1, S2, S3, S4, S7, and S80 plus CAT, R, and WESTbahn trains, tram lines 1, 2, D, 46, 49, 62, and 71, and bus lines 2A, 3A, 4A, 57A, and 59A.

… and of course the horse-drawn carriages at St. Stephen’s! ;-)

An advantage of living right at the center of Vienna is that you can get everywhere very quickly. Perfect for your daily student life: Most of the city’s universities are just a few stops away on public transportation. These include the University of Vienna along with its Altes AKH campus and its Faculty of Law, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, TU Wien, Vienna Medical University, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the University of Applied Arts. And right nearby is the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, while the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna is just a few meters away.

When you turn off Kärntnerstraße onto Johannesgasse, you leave Vienna’s most touristy area behind you and find yourself amidst the old city’s well-preserved charm – students love this area. Curvy streets, small restaurants, and cute little shops. At the same time, you have the city’s rich cultural offerings – like the State Opera, the Hofburg, the Museumsquartier, the Albertina Museum, the Kunsthistorisches Museum, and the Naturhistorisches Museum, to name just a few – practically at the doorstep of your modern and affordable student housing in Vienna!

The public transit hub Wien Mitte provides access to regional rail service plus a direct connection to Vienna International Airport. And at the shopping center there, Wien Mitte – The Mall, you’ll find everything you need as well as supermarkets that stay open longer in the evening and are even open Sundays.

The Stadtpark and the Burggarten are popular places for students to sit out on the grass, to study, and to meet friends. And it’s an easy stroll to the Danube Canal: particularly during the summer months, this is a great place to enjoy cool drinks and dip your feet in the refreshing water.

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Student housing in the centre of Vienna 

The fashionable home for students ÖJAB-Haus Johannesgasse in Vienna is quite an unusual student dorm for more reasons than just its exceptional location at the heart of Vienna. This heritage-protected building, built between 1734 and 1745 by Anton Erhard Martinelli, used to be an abbey of the Ursuline nuns. In 2013, it was completely renovated and adapted as a modern student accommodation.


  • community room
  • table tennis room
  • terrace
  • study room
  • LAN
  • WLAN
  • laundry room
  • fitness room
  • music practice rooms
  • garden
  • green space nearby


This student living also contains the Antonio-Vivaldi-Saal, one of Vienna’s most beautiful concert venues. A peaceful green inner courtyard flanked by a sunroom provides a quiet place of retreat for students right at the center of town. Further baroque-era architectural gems in this building are the puppet theater “Theatrum Sacrum”, a confessional chapel, and the preserved apothecary of the original baroque abbey. (See image gallery)

In the summertime, this building is run as the Apart Hotel “myNext Johannesgasse Apartments”.


  • 360° view of entrance area
  • 360° view of foyer
  • 360° view of laundry room
  • 360° view of fitness room
  • 360° view of Antonio Vivaldi Hall
  • 360° view of music room
  • 360° view of comm. kitchen
  • 360° view of dorm bar
  • 360° view of table tennis
  • 360° view of winter garden
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Student housing at reasonable prices 

Prices for the Academic Year of 2024/2025 (valid from 1 Oct. 2024)

Twin Economy: 445,00 Euro
Place in a twin room.  Shower+toilet in the residential unit (shared use). Communal kitchen on one’s floor.

Twin Economy+: 455,00 Euro
Place in a twin room. Shower+toilet and kitchen in the residential unit (shared use).

Twin Premium: 535,00 Euro
Place in a twin room. Shower+toilet and kitchen in the room.

Single Economy: 645,00 Euro
Single room. Shower+toilet in the residential unit (shared use). Communal kitchen on one’s floor.

Single Economy+: 660,00 Euro
Single room. Shower+toilet and kitchen in the residential unit (shared use).

Single XL Comfort: 710,00 Euro
Single room. Shower+toilet in the room. Communal kitchen on one’s floor. Extra large room.

Single XL Premium: 750,00 Euro
Single room. Shower+toilet and kitchen in the room. Extra large room.


  • 360-Grad-Aufnahme: Single Economy
  • 360-Grad-Aufnahme: Vorraum
  • 360-Grad-Aufnahme: Dusche & WC
  • 360° view Single Economy
  • 360° view of Anteroom
  • 360° view of Shower & Toilet
  • 360° view Twin Economy
  • 360° view Twin Economy
  • 360° view of Anteroom
  • 360° view of Shower & Toilet
  • 360-Grad-Aufnahme: Twin Economy
  • 360-Grad-Aufnahme: Twin Economy
  • 360-Grad-Aufnahme: Vorraum
  • 360-Grad-Aufnahme: Dusche & WC

Fees are monthly and per person and include heating, electricity, free high-speed Internet access (WLAN and LAN), TV connection, and room cleaning service.

Deposit: The deposit amounts two monthly usage fees. 

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We're available onsite to help you! 

House manager of the ÖJAB-Haus Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger Coco Akdedian.House manager Coco Akdedian
  • My name is Coco Akdedian. As my name would suggest, I have Armenian roots. I came to ÖJAB as a student in 1989 and moved into the dormitory ÖJAB-Haus Niederösterreich 2 in Vienna – where I also volunteered until 1997. In 1998, I assumed management of ÖJAB-Haus Dr. Rudolf Kirchschläger. And since September 2018, I’ve been house manager at the dorm ÖJAB-Haus Johannesgasse. I’m now married and have one daughter and one son, and I like to spend my free time on football fields – if not playing for ÖJAB, then as a referee for the football league DSG-Diözesansportgemeinschaft or cheering on my son at his championship matches.  My motto in life: live and let live! 
    Coco Akdedian

contact & Address

ÖJAB-Haus Johannesgasse
Student and Youth Dormitory

Johannesgasse 8
A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Telephone:+43 1 5122424-50
Web address:,,

Office hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00 to 10.00
Tuesday 9.00 to 11.00