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Europe & International

Nurturing the European Idea and Overcoming Barriers  –

European Education - a Profitable Exchange for All.

The Austrian Young Workers’ Movement (ÖJAB) has been promoting the vision of a united Europe since the early 1950s, and it played a crucial role in establishing the “Europahaus” centers in Eisenstadt, Graz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, and Vienna: to this day, these institutions play host to Europe-relevant educational events including adult education and continuing education offerings for the most varied target audiences.

ÖJAB’s current Europe-related educational work consists in its involvement in various European coordination projects pertaining to the occupational further training of young people and adults. On the international and European levels, ÖJAB is networked in diverse ways, with the objective of nurturing the European idea and overcoming barriers.

Funding programs run by the EU are an important pillar of European educational work. EU funding enables ÖJAB to develop and conduct projects that support the EU’s interests and central tenets as well as contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy’s implementation. These encompass cooperative projects relating to occupational training and further training in various fields, and ÖJAB also pursues multinational activities that promote the inclusion and social labor market integration of disadvantaged groups.

Worldwide youth education projects including youth conferences, youth exchanges, seminars, and workshops represent further core competencies developed over ÖJAB’s many years of European and international work.


ÖJAB pursues intensive cultural exchange with its Japanese partner organizations YUAI, YUAI Foundation in Tokyo, and Kai-You-Kai in Wakayama. The purpose here is to promote intercultural dialogue among young people while breaking down barriers of all kinds.

European Educational Work

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European Educational Work covers various European cooperation projects, vocational education and training of young people and adults.

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Youth activities with Japan

Group photo ÖJAB delegation at the group photo in Japan.

Intensive cultural exchange with its Japanese partner organizations YUAI, YUAI Foundation in Tokyo, and Kai-You-Kai in Wakayama.

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International Networking

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ÖJAB has a diverse international network to nurture the European Idea and to overcome barriers.

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