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European Educational Work

Nurturing the European Idea and Overcoming Barriers –

The focus of these projects is on migrants, individuals who have been granted refugee status, and young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or social and emotional difficulties as well as people from disadvantaged social backgrounds. These projects bring together individuals from different countries and promote tolerance as well as participation on the part of young people and adults who enjoy less opportunities than their peers.


Trainings in Austria and Abroad in the Framework of the EU Projects of ÖJAB

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Current EU projects of ÖJAB


Fast Forward Skilled Workers 4.0
Europakarte Symbolfoto

The project "Fast Forward Skilled Workers 4.0" aims to contribute to solving the European shortage of skilled workers.

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Verkehrsschild: New Skills Training

The project "READ" aims to familiarize young professionals with the European Youth Work Agenda, the Bonn Process and with methods and knowledge which are not taught at universities.

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INteractive FOcus on PROgramming
Symbolbild Programmieren

The INFO-PRO project aims to increase the digital job market chances of young people from socially disadvantaged communities and young people with less educational privileges.

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Experiential Education methods for a more sustainable everyday life
Symbolbild Nachhaltigkeit

5R4Future focusses on teaching young people ways and strategies towards a more sustainable everyday life with the use of Experiential Education methods.

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Mental Health

Mental Health of Youth in the Post-Corona-Time
Symbolbild Mental Health

This project aims to establish and further develop a network of (social) youth work organizations addressing mental health issues of young people, as well as youth and social workers.

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Directed By You(th)

Directed By You(th) befasst sich mit Fragen des bürgerschaftlichen Engagements und des geringen demokratischen Vertrauens unter europäischen Jugendlichen. Ziel ist es, Jugendliche zu vernetzen und zu empowern.

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Green Entrepreneurship Skills for NEET
GENTE – Green Entrepreneurship Skills for NEET (=Not in Education, Employment or Training) Persons

The project GENTe aims to provide alternative ways of learning to a broad range of young adults and help them develop their knowledge, skills and capabilities in order to be benefited from opportunities for employability and entrepreneurship.

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Photovoice - Participation & Empowerment in Youth Work
Online-Meeting der Projektgruppe von VOICE.

VOICE focuses on using Photovoice's innovative and creative approach to empower youth workers, future youth workers and young people across Europe.

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Promoting Sustainable Measures to Empower Young Women
Symbol picture female hand strong

This project focuses on the transfer of know-how and best practices in the areas of work and employment prospects for young women.

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(Digital) Competences for the Job Market
Symbol picture digital learning

The aim of the project is to prepare young people from socially disadvantaged communities, from Austria and Hungary adequately for the job market of the future, putting a particular focus on the development of digital competences.

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YOUTH-REC - Youth Recordings for Educational Campaigns

YOUTH-Rec zielt darauf ab, dem sinkendem Engagement bei Jugendlichen und mangelndem Vertrauen in demokratische Strukturen entgegenzuwirken.

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Give them a 2 Chance

Das Projekt "Give me a 2 chance (G2C)" unterstützt UnternehmerInnen im Rahmen einer zweiten Chance, deren erstes Unternehmen gescheitert ist.

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EU Green Deal Pops Up in Future Generations‘ News Feed
Participants at the kick-off meeting

U.Pin aims at raising young people's awareness of climate change and promotes understanding of how the EU works.

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Eldicare 2.0

Elderly care and education

This project aims to strengthen the cooperation among sectoral partners on elderly care and educational providers in healthcare.

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Entrepreneurial Skills for Disabled People
symbol picture: vision

This project wants to support people with disabilities who would like to gain occupotional independence and autonomy and who would like to turn an idea into a business idea, e.g. by being starting a business and entering into field of entrepreneurship.

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DiMi Care

Digital Mindset for Carers
Symbolbild Pflege: Hände von SeniorInnen

DiMi Care aims to introduce care assistants and home care aides to the potential of digital tools for their work.

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Gamification in School Education
Symbolbild: Spielkonsole

GAMEDUCATE adresses digital transformation and gamification in formal school education.

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Promotion of Young Women in Sustainable Professions

The Women4Green project targets (young) women in the career orientation phase with the goal of making professions in the green sector (sustainability industry) known, attractive and tangible.

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Fostering Youth Creativity Through Application of Online Cinema Simulator
symbol picture cinema and video

The main goal of the project is to foster youth creativity in the field of cinema and video.

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Ecology and Sustainability in Professions
Symbol picture ecology

Ecological training for VET staff in technical professions.

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Breaching Reservation and Improving Dialogue through Generational Exchange
Image picture project

Since March 2021, ÖJAB is involved in BRIDGE, an Erasmus+ funded project to strengthen intergenerational dialogue in youth work organizations.

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Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
Symbolbild: Arbeitstisch mit zwei Personen mit Tablet und PC

The main aim of the Erasmus+ funded youth project NGOE is to promote entrepreneurship among young people.

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Green Environmental Climate Care Orientation
GECCO logo

The projects aims to raise awareness of environmental issues such as environmental justice and the consequences of ongoing climate change among young people.

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Teachers’ Upskilling aiming aT a hOlistic inclusivity in leaRning
Symbol picture tutor

This project includes the creation and implementation of a training programme and a curriculum for educators and teachers of secondary and post-secondary schools, as well as vocational training and further education centres in relation to inclusion.

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International Youth Activities and European Education


BPI of ÖJAB – Training Center Vienna
Hermi-Hirsch-Weg 3
1120 Wien

Phone: +43 (1) 8107382-15

Group picture EU teamFrom left to right: Ani Janyan (project manager), Hager Abouwarda (project manager), Julia Rusin (project manager), Julia Probst (deputy team leader, project manager), Sebastian Frank (team leader, project manager), Sabina Šuta-Islamović (project manager), Kateryna Brailovska (project assistant).