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European Educational Work

Nurturing the European Idea and Overcoming Barriers –

The focus of these projects is on migrants, individuals who have been granted refugee status, and young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or social and emotional difficulties as well as people from disadvantaged social backgrounds. These projects bring together individuals from different countries and promote tolerance as well as participation on the part of young people and adults who enjoy less opportunities than their peers.

Current EU projects of ÖJAB


Photovoice - Participation & Empowerment in Youth Work
Online-Meeting der Projektgruppe von VOICE.

VOICE focuses on using Photovoice's innovative and creative approach to empower youth workers, future youth workers and young people across Europe.

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Co-AGE Volunteers

Promotion of intergenerational cooperation and volunteering between Austria and Slovakia
zoom meeting of project participants

The vision of the Co-AGE Volunteers project is to establish a cross-border network of regional actors.

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Transnational knowledge exchange between trainers of low-skilled adults in multiple European countries EUpTrain
EUpTrain-Attendees at a Online-Conference.

Transnational network and knowledge exchange between organizations from several EU countries to develop a sustainable manual for trainers of low-skilled adults, with at least 2 years of working experience.

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Career cOnsulting and Mentoring skills caPAcity building for youth workerS working with NEETS
Project kickoff meeting in Sofia. Photo: CATRO

This project aims to improve youth work’s impact on the education of NEETs while also placing a focus on NEETs’ labor market integration.

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Mobilna Presernova

A mobility project from Ljubljana

A mobility project of the economics and business school Ekonomska šola Ljubljana & Europass Mobility – an important EU certificate.

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Give them a 2 chance

Das Projekt "Give me a 2 chance (G2C)" unterstützt UnternehmerInnen im Rahmen einer zweiten Chance, deren erstes Unternehmen gescheitert ist.

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Encouraging students to pursue grassroot sports activities outdoor in an Eco-friendly manner
Fahrradfahren im Wald

The project aims at promoting and developing sports that are compatible with nature and the environment.

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Promotion of young women in sustainable professions


Drop Out Prevention Skills
Project kickoff meeting at ÖJAB’s BPI in Vienna.

Exchange of experience between youth education organizations on dropout prevention-related themes.

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Europe through young eyes

Exchange, Explore, Exhibit
Project kickoff meeting in Germany. Photo: Stiftung Evangelische Jugendhilfe St. Johannis Bernburg.

This project aims to cultivate meaningful active citizenship, raise political awareness, and deepen social inclusion among youth.

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Breaching Reservation and Improving Dialogue through Generational Exchange
Image picture project

Since March 2021, ÖJAB is involved in BRIDGE, an Erasmus+ funded project to strengthen intergenerational dialogue in youth work organizations.

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Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
Symbolbild: Arbeitstisch mit zwei Personen mit Tablet und PC

The main aim of the Erasmus+ funded youth project NGOE is to promote entrepreneurship among young people.

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International Youth Activities and European Education


BPI of ÖJAB – Training Center Vienna
Längenfeldgasse 27/A/3
1120 Wien

Phone: +43 (1) 8107382-15

Sebastian Frank, MSc (project manager, national projects and European cooperation), Oliver Böck, MA (project management team, national projects and European cooperation) and Julia Probst, BA (project management team, European cooperation). (from left to right)Sebastian Frank, MSc (project manager, national projects and European cooperation), Oliver Böck, MA (project management team, national projects and European cooperation) and Julia Probst, BA (project management team, European cooperation). (from left to right)