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YOUTH-REC - Youth Recordings for Educational Campaigns

YOUTH-Rec aims to counteract low and declining youth rates in the areas of engagement, participation/participation and the lack of trust in democratic structures.

In this context, youth workers will be introduced to certain creative methods (storytelling, film making and graphic design) that they can incorporate into their work with young people. Storytelling, film making and graphic design are seen and used as a chance and possibility to support young people in expressing their opinions and also to present it in a broadly effective way.

Project objectives

  • Developing and promoting participatory competencies of youth workers and youth organizations
  • To motivate young people to express their dissatisfaction through constructive and creative engagement
  • Bring together young people from 7 European countries to promote cross-border solidarity and empathy
  • Implement and promote campaigns that draw attention to the challenges European youth is facing
Symbolbild Mental Health

Target groups

The target groups of the project are:·        

  • Young people between 16 and 20 years
  • Young people who experience socio-economical disadvantages
  • Youth workers/ people, who work with youth
  • Youth organisations

Project partners: Italy (project coordinator), Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Rumania, Spain

Project website:

Youth-REC on social media: Facebook | Instagram

Project duration: September 2022 – October 2024

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